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Why CNC Plasma Cutting?

There comes a point in almost every multifaceted construction project when pipe and tube cutting is required and just as with every other part of the process, speed, accuracy and efficiency are critical.


Getting it done right and quickly are crucial for not just your schedule but also your bottom line.


CNC pipe cutters are a pipe fabricator’s savior in that sense. Utilizing the latest plasma cutting technology to deliver accurate cuts – down to the fraction of the millimeter – 100 times faster than by hand.

Morrison Construction, Hammond IN - CNC pipe cutting system

The precision, accuracy and speed  of our Vernon Torchmate CNC pipe cutting is unparalleled.  

Enhance Accuracy and Precision with CNC Pipe Cutting

Jobs big and small require accuracy across the board, it goes without saying. Secondary processing on imprecisely cut pipes is a time killer that can wreak havoc on your tight production and manufacturing schedules.  As your job sizes increase, accuracy matters even more because those corrections add up.


CNC pipe cutting machines standardize that process, making precision something you can set it and forget.


At Morrison Construction Company we utilize the state-of-the-art Vernon Torchmate plasma cutting table. As part of the Lincoln Electric family, the quality of Vernon cutting systems speaks for itself.


With 40’ machine beds and a conveyor to auto-feed your pipe for maximum safety, the Torchmate has the ability to custom cut pipes and pipe holes from 2” to 30” and wall thicknesses from .175” to 1.75”.


With accuracy down to 0.030”, or less than .76 millimeters, the precision and consistently clean cuts are simply unbeatable.

MCCO, Hammond IN - CNC pipe cutting in progress

Our Torchmate CNC pipe cutter is 100 times faster than doing it manually.

Improve Productivity and Efficiency

Accuracy is one thing, speed is a whole other.  When it comes to pipe and tube cutting these days, doing it by hand just won’t do anymore for either.


The cutting travel speed on our Torchmate CNC plasma pipe cutter is 100 times faster than doing it manually.


In other words, it allows you to cut more pipe, in less time, which in turn takes your efficiency to the next level. 


In fact, by incorporating plasma cutting, you’re maximizing what you’re able to move to the next phase of the job, streamlining your workflow and improving productivity across the whole project.

MCCO's CNC Pipe Cutting Capabilities

CNC cuts

Cutting tubes and pipes is an integral part of any project, don’t leave the process to chance or open to costly errors. 

Custom Cuts for Any Job

No project is the same, that’s the beauty of the construction business and what keeps manufacturing, fabrication and the like interesting. There’s always a new challenge. Given that constant change, with respect to pipes and tubes, you must have the flexibility to handle those challenges in stride and be able to accommodate for custom piping and tubing cuts with absolute certainty.


CNC plasma cutters come with that by design.


Be it pipe beveling, chamfering, saddles, holes, cutting pipe for welding or whatever else the job requires, plasma cutters give you the customization options you need without an arduous reconfiguration process. A few clicks and you’re good to go.


Total freedom to confidently get most any cuts done quickly and precisely.


Cutting tubes and pipes is an integral part of any project, don’t leave the process to chance or open to costly errors. A CNC plasma solution delivers the speed, accuracy and confidence you need to get the work done right.


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